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​Getting mail is exciting whether you’re getting a mailbox full of holiday cards from family, friends, or receiving letters from a loved one. Nothing beats the excitement of running over to your letterbox to see what it holds.

However, you’re likely to get tired of your old mailbox over time. You may need a new mailbox to get you excited about your mail and to enhance your curb appeal. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to come up with creative mailboxes.

Here are some creative DIY mailboxes to brighten your home and tips to get you started.

Tips to Know Before Installing a New Mailbox

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While the idea of having a new DIY mailbox is exhilarating, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when installing a mailbox. These tips include:

Decide If You’ll Need to Dig Up Utilities

Before you dig up any utilities, you need to alert the utility company to come to the house and mark the location of utilizes near the area you need to dig. It’s best to wait for two days before you dig. After the company marks the utility lines, you have ten days to start digging.

You need to check the state rules or call 811 before you dig to avoid penalties and other fees. This is important because if you hit a utility, you may need to part with thousands of dollars.

Determine the Style of Mailbox You Want

You need to decide on the style of mailbox you want before you experiment with different DIY mailbox ideas. The common types are plastic and wooden mailboxes. Also, some mailboxes are top mounted while others have an extended arm.

Some mailboxes have a planter on the back with an arm extending outwards, which is a unique kind of mailbox.

Plan Accordingly For the New Mailbox

Failure to plan on how you need your new mailbox to look like could end up being disastrous when you old aunty knocks it down. USPC regulations recommend six to eight inches back from the edge of the curb. Also, mailboxes need to be 41”-45” in height to the bottom of the corner.

Have the Necessary Tools for Work

Installing a mailbox kit isn’t difficult. When building your mailbox, you need galvanized screws, screwdriver, and a circular saw for cutting notches to join posts. Don’t forget the post digger if you need to dig up something. Cement and a six-inch long post are also a must-have. Assemble all these tools to ensure that you’re ready when creating your DIY mailbox.

Figure Out How to Build the Mailbox

While planning and assembling all the necessary tools is crucial, you can’t ignore the process. It’s essential to have an idea of how to construct a mailbox. Kits from home improvement stores are easy to assemble as all you need is to follow the directions on the manual or watch a YouTube Video.

However, when using the do it yourself route, it’s vital to watch how-to videos before you begin assembling a mailbox.

DIY Mailbox Ideas

Here are some DIY Mailbox ideas to try out.

Kids Paper Mailbox

If your kids are on holiday and you need something to keep them busy, why not try out the kid’s paper mailbox? You’ll need tape, scissors, a golden brad, a white paper box measuring 4 x4 x 4, a sheet of red paper and a sheet of pink wrapping paper.


Cut the wrapping paper to measure 15 inches by 10 inches. Fold the paper 1.5-inches inwards on both the ten-inch sides.

Fold the box together and open the lid. Lay the box down, so the top lies open on the workspace.

Wrap the pink paper around the box, but be sure to leave space and hump at the top.

Straighten the pink paper to leave out an inch from where the lid opens and closes. Secure the paper with the 1.5-inch fold taped to the end of the box. This leaves you with five inches of paper to make the mailbox interior appear larger.

Use a template to trace and cut out a flag shape from the red paper. Put a hole at the bottom of the flag with the brad and push it over the pink letterbox.

You can add candy treats, lover letters, or sweet notes into the mailbox.

Mailbox made of milk can

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DIY Vinyl and Paint Monogram Mailbox

Sometimes you’d rather have a standard mailbox with an eye-catching color. To make the simple paint and vinyl monogram mailbox, you’ll need an old mailbox, pliers, vinyl machine, stencils, paint, and screws.


Start by removing the flag from the mailbox. Pull out any plastic pin inside the box.

Use the pliers to snip the tip away. Remember that you don’t want to remove the handle all the way.

Drill a hole using a diamond bit through the center of the handle. Wear safety goggles as you do this to avoid the sparks getting into your eyes.

Use a base coat and a primer to give it a glossy finish.

Screw the pulls back in, and you now have a statement letterbox.

It’s now time to spruce up the flag. Tape down the stencil. You can use a painter’s tape to hold the stencil. Remember to allow the paint to dry before putting in the tape.

Create your desired shapes on the letterbox. Use a vinyl machine to engrave your house number and names. Paint the inside to match the custom pull, and you have a new customized DIY mailbox.

DIY Coastal Style Mailbox

At times, you want a simple mailbox that matches the theme of your home. You’ll need a mailbox, foam brush, outdoor mod podge, and a 12 by 12 scrapbook paper.


Start by spray painting your mailbox. Add three coats and let this stand for 24 hours. You can decide on whether to paint the inside or to leave it as it is.

Add a scrapbook paper that is four pieces. Align the inside of the mailbox and place the scrapbook paper. Use the mod podge in the inside of the mailbox.

Leave the mod podge to dry for a day before placing the letterbox outside. You can then add house numbers and plant flowers around the mailbox to give it a nice touch.

DIY House Shaped Mailbox

You can now create a mailbox that looks like a small house to accommodate important mail. To get started, you’ll need two small hinges, clamp, gorilla glue, drill, drill bits, wood putty, scraper set, miter saw, table saw, sandpaper, sander, door caulk, and two inches machine belt with two washers, composite shims, 1-1 inches by 12 by 6 inches pine board, and two inches by eight inches pine board.


Use a miter saw to cut the lumber to accurate dimensions. You should have:

  1. inches by 8 inches by 21 inches
  2. inches by 8 inches by 19 inches

2-1 inches by 12 inches by 19 inches

Tear the edge of the two one by twelve by nineteen inches board at a 45-degree angle. Use a table saw to get the best cuts.

Spread a line of gorilla glue onto the side edges of the board mailbox base.

Place the base up by raising it onto another board. Clamp the sides to the bottom. Pre-drill and push the screws through the ends of the one inches by twelve inches by 19 inches sides. Do the same with the one by eight inches base of the mailbox.

Dry fit the two boards together to create a roof. You’ll notice that one side will be longer than the other. Cut the excess width and out some glue as you did with the edges. Use deck screws to fasten the roof pieces.

Lay the mailbox upright and trace both the front and back openings before attaching the roof. Use the 1’ by 8’ boards to do this.

You can now paint the mailbox using your desired color.

DIY Wooden Pallet Mailbox

Sometimes having an ugly mailbox doesn’t cut it and what better way to make use of your free time by creating something unique from reclaimed pallet wood. You can use wood from old packing crates.


Rip down the lumbar to required sizes.

Choose a frame to work on to get a basic shape. This is what you’ll attach the planks to when creating the letterbox.

Cut the wood into the required size and glue them together. Nail the frame to give you a square shape.

Add some planks by starting with the bottom and going over to the sides so that the back and front joins and covers the entire letterbox.

Glue and nail the sides. Clamp the frame and let the glue set overnight before you trim off the extra planks with a saw.

At this point, make and attach the top shelf. The cutouts should fit around the frame and ensure they match the size. You need to leave a mail slot which is a plank high. Make the sides using offcuts.

Slope the top of the letterbox to the back to avoid water getting into your mail. Attach the panels and trim the angle using a table saw.

If you don’t want to paint your letterbox, you can use whitewashed wood and add numbers to it using a stencil.

Revamping your mailbox doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Use the above DIY mailbox ideas to create a new letterbox that will enhance your curb appeal.

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