Become a household hacker with these great tips and tricks.

Enjoying a stress-free life begins in the home. From fun DIY projects to easy cleaning hacks, there are plenty of techniques you can use to become the ultimate household hacker.  When figuring out which hacks work best for you, always remember it’s best to start small. You may have a regular cleaning schedule for your house, but if you don’t, start by creating one. Best part of all, you can use these life hacks to make boring jobs like cleaning, something the whole family will enjoy.

8 Cleaning Hacks to Try Now

When it comes to cleaning hacks, there is a ton to choose from. Some easy ones to start with however include:

1. Add a Drill To It

Do you hate scrubbing grout and tough stains? Before you injure yourself, use a cleaning hack and make it easier. By adding a scrubbing attachment to your normal drill, you can get powerful scrubbing power with the convenience of automation.

2. Dryer Sheets Clean

Did you know those old dryer towels can actually have other uses? Use them to clean baseboards, and not only will you get good scrubbing action, but also curb the buildup of dust.

3. Dust Your Air Vents

If you find that the people living in your home are suffering from allergies, it may be time to clean the air vents. Major collections of dust can be found on the vents, which affect the air quality throughout the home.

4. Soak Before Scrubbing

This may seem like logic, but you’d be surprised by how many people do not know to soak caked on pans and dishes before washing them. By pre-soaking you will cut down on your cleaning time and also enjoy cleaner dishes.

5. Use Lemons

Lemon juice can have versatile uses in your home cleaning projects. From using it as a detergent to cut down on grease, do heating it in the microwave for smell removal, a little bit of lemon juice can go a long way.

6. Citrus in the Disposal

Is your garbage disposal making your kitchen stink? Cut some small slices of citrus, like lemons or oranges, and pass them through your disposal. It will clean the blades and leave a great scent in the air.

7. Replace or Clean Your Sponge

You use your sponge for just about everything in your kitchen, including for dishes. So why would you run a dirty and bacteria-filled item on something you eat off? It’s best to clean your sponge or replace it regularly to avoid the spread of bacteria.

8. Bread Slices for Glass

A broken glass can be dangerous, especially if small pieces go everywhere. Use a slice of bread to pick up hard to find pieces of glass. This can help protect your family from an unfortunate cut.

Practice these eight home hacks to enjoy a stress-free cleaning process, and do some research to find even more! If someone has dealt with it, they’ve most likely found a solution.

How to Become a Household Hacker

Becoming a household hacker is a lot easier than you think. From easy tricks to make clean baseboards a reality, to organizational hacks to make space in small areas, there’s something for everyone. The easiest way to become a home hacks expert is to do your research. There are plenty of tips online, but you don’t want to try something that hasn’t been proven to work. Look for video guides as these go in-depth on what you need to perform a hack successfully.

Another good way to become a household hacker is by practicing. This is particularly true for those going the DIY route. While it can save you money and be a fun way to tackle a project, the first time you do anything can open the door to plenty of mishaps.

Finally, the key to becoming a household hacker is by looking for opportunities to solve problems. Whether it’s cleaning hard to reach areas of your home, cutting down on dust, or building a piece of furniture, identifying opportunities for experimentation is key.

The Best Home Hacks for the New Year

At the start of every year, people are looking for ways to start off on the right foot. That is why there are a few hacks that are perfect to start off right. One good way to start the year is by decluttering. Look for ways to organize paperwork, clothes, and any other clutter areas in the home.

Similarly, take the time to clean. There are plenty of cleaning hacks that will provide you with some tools to reach even the hardest to clean areas like your vents and baseboards. Also, take this time to set up a schedule or routine to keep you on track for a year filled with household hacker success!

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