Studies suggest that you may spend up to 17 minutes working on the laundry every day. And while you may have put off tackling that massive pile of clothes piling up in the laundry basket, sooner or later it is going to be time to wash those clothes.

The thing is, most laundry rooms, especially in apartments and single-story homes, aren’t nearly big enough to hold all of those clothes. And we haven’t even factored in all of the appliances and products you may need to get those clothes clean. When you add in the washer, dryer, ironing board, and baskets, there’s barely going to be any room to breathe.

To help you tackle laundry day without dirty clothes invading the rest of your home, we have eight laundry room storage ideas that can make sure everything is in its right place. With these, you’ll be able to make sure your laundry room is fully functional—but doesn’t look like a wreck every time you’re done using it.

Fold-Out Ironing Boards

It was quite common to utilize a fold-out ironing board back in the day. And now that more and more people are dealing with the cramped quarters of major cities, it may be time to return to this tried and true method of space management.

You can place a fold-out ironing board on the wall of your laundry room in just a few minutes with a stud finder and some screws. And if nailing into the wall seems like a bit of a challenge, there are many over-the-door ironing boards that you’ll just need to clip on, and you’ll be good to go.

We recommend placing the ironing board in a place that’s most advantageous for you. That way, you can fold out, get the ironing done, and fold back up without ever needing to step out of the laundry room or dig around for the iron itself. Plus, some ironing boards come with dedicated spaces for your iron.

DIY Lofts

We recommend placing the ironing board in a place that’s most advantageous for you. That way, you can fold out, get the ironing done, and fold back up without ever needing to step out of the laundry room or dig around for the iron itself. Plus, some ironing boards come with dedicated spaces for your iron.

DIY Lofts

If you’re still struggling with space and drowning in baskets in your laundry room, why not get creative and build yourself some extra room?

If your laundry room has the standard washer and dryer assembly, you may want to consider investing in a few boards of lumber and getting to work building a loft.

Lofting your washer and dryer a foot or two off of the ground can create a great place for laundry baskets to hide. Plus, they can make it a whole lot easier to grab a sock that may have fallen behind your machines.

When lofting, just be sure that you can easily access all of the features of your washer and dryer. Too high, and you may find yourself on your toes trying to load the last of your colors.


Just like with our last time, this idea is going to help take up the wasted space hanging above your washer and dryer.

Running out of room on clothes racks? You can easily pick up a retractable clothesline from a local store and pull out the wire when you need to get the laundry done. We recommend running some wire above the washer and dryer. This space is often free, and this setup can make it very easy to lift clothes out of the dryer and hang without ever having to take a step.

A retractable clothesline can also be added to the back of the laundry room door. Depending upon your home’s setup, you can make this wire run to an opposing wall while the door is ajar and artificially expand your laundry room when it is in use.

Once you’re done with clothes, simply retract the wire, close the door, and you’re good to go.

Fold Down Racks

If retractable clothes wire doesn’t sound helpful to you, or if you want to increase capacity while making sure your laundry room looks as modern as ever, why not invest in some fold down racks?

Fold down racks aren’t the cheapest option, but provide lots of hanging space that’s a little more permanent than wires. Fold down racks can be placed above the washer and dryer, or even behind the door to extend into the laundry room when in use.

Slanted Shelves

If you’re dealing with the issue of shelf space, you may be able to put things on an angle to buy a precious few inches for more clothes!

Instead of placing traditional shelves on the wall so that the small lip hangs down for clothes hangers, place it upside down and angled on the wall so that the lip can hold the bottom on boxes and baskets.

Slanted shelves can make it easier to store larger items above the washer and dryer while still having room to stand up straight or even just close the laundry doors. It all depends on your setup, but these shelves will certainly keep things in easy reach.

Peg Walls

Have small miscellaneous objects that you need close at hand for laundry day? Why not try a peg wall?

Peg walls are popular for tool storage in sheds but have just as much application for laundry room storage ideas. You can also easily paint a peg wall in the same color as the wall to help it blend into the background.

This way, lint rollers, dustpans, brooms, mops, and any other laundry item can be kept with a minimal amount of space being taken up. Plus, it helps to clear out valuable cupboard space that you may need for detergent or baskets.

Wall-Mounted Baskets

If lofting your washer and dryer isn’t an option, but you want to keep your baskets out of the way, why not mount them to the wall instead of allowing them to take up space on the floor?

Wall-mounted bins and baskets can make it easy to keep dirty clothes close at hand but out of reach. Just make sure that the basket you choose is long and thin so that it hangs close to the wall. You can also use the floor space under your wall-mounted basket to store smaller objects so that every square inch is utilized to its fullest potential.

Mason Jars

If large boxes of detergent are getting in your way or simply making your laundry room look cluttered, investing in mason jars or other glass containers can make it easier to keep your laundry room clear.

Mason jars are highly versatile and usually a staple of the kitchen, so for this idea, you may not even need to head to the store. Just fill a medium or large jar with detergent and keep near the washer in an appropriate place. If you’re extra cramped for space, you can use a small jar and keep the rest of the detergent in another room. You’ll just need to remember to refill often.

You can also write on your jars or place patterns on them to make your laundry room as stylish as possible. These jars can also be paired with a few of our other ideas. For instance, did you loft your washer and dryer? The jars can be placed down there so that any precious shelf space you have can be saved for what will matter most.

Final Thoughts

Of course, these eight laundry room storage ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. What matters is how you can make your laundry room work for you.

If your laundry room far longer than it is wide? Then lofted washer and dryers, clothesline, and slanted shelves may be for you. Is your laundry room down a thin hallway? Then you may be able to open the door and extend a clothesline into the hall for extra space.

Wider than long? Then consider fold down racks and ironing boards. While each of our eight suggestions here could work for some, only you know what will work for you. Just be sure to remember:

  • Collapsable storage is better
  • Use negative space when possible
  • Take advantage of wall space
  • Use space behind the door
  • Small decorative touches go a long way

In any case, we hope that our storage ideas here have helped spark a few ideas in your mind about how to best approach the issue of storage in your home. Hopefully, with a little bit of ingenuity on your part and the right products, you can take laundry day from a day to be feared to a day that you’re even looking forward to.

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