Do you feel overwhelmed every time you open the cupboard?

Is it impossible to find the right measuring cup or pan when you need it?

Where does everything go?

With these kitchen organization hacks, you’ll have everything in the right place in no time.

Yes, everything will be exactly where you need it when you need it – no more digging through drawers and cupboards looking for the right pan.

Kitchen Organization Hacks to Keep Your Space and Mind Clear of Clutter and Stress

It’s easy to organize your kitchen – if you have a lot of money to spend on remodeling.

If not, no worries: you can use these easy and simply kitchen organization hacks to declutter your space and keep your mind stress free.

1. Magnets, Magnets, Magnets

Sure, you can buy kitchen items already equipped with magnets, but you can also incorporate magnets with other items you already have.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can benefit from filling your kitchen with magnetic spaces:

  • Holding mason jars over your sink or counter
  • Securing a variety of towels exactly where you need them
  • Use a magnetic wall strip to store knives and other utensils near your stove
  • Display your recipe on the hood of your stove as you cook

Stay safe: make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold and keep paper away from flames.

2. A Dedicated Healthy Snack Bin

Yes, this qualifies as an organization hack.

Everyone wants to eat healthy, right? Well, how often do you find yourself reaching for the first thing you see out of convenience?

Get a plastic bin in a bright color to grab your attention when you open the fridge or look at the counter for snacks. Portion out your favorite healthy treats in baggies or single serving containers and store them in this bin.

Options for your fridge, counter, or cupboard could include:

  • Trail mix
  • Fruit salad
  • Crackers with low-fat cheese
  • Single servings of low-sugar chocolate milk
  • Protein-packed pasta salad
  • Hummus or dip with veggies

3. Tissue Box Dispensers

Save your old tissue box dispensers for storing a variety of plastic bags and dedicate one box for each size:

  1. Mini zipper baggies
  2. Mid-size zipper baggies
  3. Freezer storage zipper baggies
  4. Plastic shopping bags

Make the boxes more aesthetically pleasing for long-term use with spray paint or unique duct tape. Label each box so you know which bags it contains.

You could also use this hack for napkins or towels.

4. Hook Racks for Easy Access While Cooking

Use a coat rack with hooks for hanging measuring spoons, pots, and pans. Everything will be exactly where you need it all the time.

5. In-home Recycling Center

Pick up plastic bins in different sizes – pick fun colors to match your kitchen.

Label each bin for different materials: plastic, paper, and glass. Boom: no more ugly recycling bins. Plus, you’ll feel more compelled to recycle.

6. Incorporate Office Items for Storage Space

Think outside the box – you truly have endless options for organizing your kitchen with office items.

  • Magazine storage racks for canned goods, water bottles, cereal boxes, and more
  • Stacked file holders for pots, pans, and plates
  • Desk organizers for tea bags, sugar packets, and straws
  • Pen holders for counter top utensils.

7. Mount Cling-Wrap with Dowel Rods

Use string and a dowel rod for mounting cling-wrap and tin foil onto your wall.

No more fiddling through drawers and cabinets while you’re storing food.

8. Forget the Ikea Spice Rack with These Spice Rack Ideas

There are so many spice rack ideas out there for organizing your flavor supply.

Forget that Ikea spice rack because these DIY spice rack options get the job done for a fraction of the cost.

(You can still pick up the Ikea spice rack, you know you want to and some are pretty cheap.)

Easy and cheap DIY spice rack possibilities:

  • Office desktop drawers fit perfectly on your counter top.
  • Magnets and mini mason jars
  • Dedicate one drawer to spices and label with dividers.
  • Pick up light compression clamps from the hardware store and attach them to the inside of cabinet doors.
  • Test tubes with corks mounted onto the wall

Keeping Things in the Right Place with These Kitchen Organization Hacks

The key to all kitchen organization hacks is that you actually have to use them.

This means putting things in the right place when you’re done with them. Fight the urge to just throw that pan anywhere. Once you get into the habit of staying organized, it gets a lot easier.

Hopefully these kitchen organization hacks can help give you the motivation you need.

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