You might not consider how much impact your hallway has in your space. However, there are many clever hallway ideas to emphasize the usefulness and energy your hallway possesses. Read here to learn how to make your hallway stand out, no matter the size of your home.

It may be most likely that you take your hallway passage for granted, or are just unsure of what to do with the space to make it work.

Don't lose heart or give up on your interior decorating dreams. There's a lot of hallway ideas to make it a focus piece in your home. Depending on whether you have a small space with a barely-there hallway, or feel intimidated by a long corridor or two, you can change your perspective on your living space.

When it comes to hallways ideas, people may either feel like it could use the following.

  • Visual elements such as art, family photos, or open storage can help add appeal
  • Using color therapy and placement of furniture or objects can open or close a space
  • Fully optimizing the storage capacity in a hallway found via closets, shelving, and more help 
architecture contemporary furniture indoors

There's no need to run out and hire a consultant or a professional to overhaul your home. Thankfully, most hallway ideas can be tweaked with a few clever tricks, provided there is a focal point to create interest.

If you have been pining for some hallway ideas that will make sense for your lifestyle and budget, this is the article to read.

Before you get started applying some of the hallway ideas that are discussed, make sure to do a walkthrough of your living space first. Ask yourself how your hallway makes you feel? Is there a sense of connection to the rest of your space, or does it seem isolated? Is your hallway overburdened by clutter that makes navigating your
home troublesome?

Chances are, you can easily pinpoint where you have been going wrong with your hallway space, and implement some solid ideas to improve your home's vibe and appearance.

Hallway Ideas: Get In Touch With Your Space

Hallways offer a bit of breathing space to a home, sectioning off bedrooms from the kitchen and living room area, or may provide a fascinating place to sit and read. You cannot give the same treatment to a small narrow hallway, as you would for a larger space. However, you need to know how you use your space, versus how you want to use your space.

The main tools in executing your hallway ideas will be your use of the following.

  • The type of lights and their placement within the hallway
  • Whether your hallway has a window or two to create visual interest and increase light
  • Decorative options regarding colors, accent pieces, and the look of the walls in itself

A hallway that feels stifled and cramped, due to being very narrow and slightly elongated needs to have the space broken up. Consider investing in applying wainscotting if possible. If a hall has no windows but has enough space to add a small table for a lamp, that is useful and softens the vibe.

brown wooden photo frame at gray concrete wall

Light Focus

If you have a hallway with dark floors and dark walls, you will want to add something that brightens things up a bit. Choose a lighter color runner to create visual interest and a sense of movement. Hang up a decorative mirror or two to help reflect light and add to visual appeal.

Do not neglect the power of using interior windows for emphasis, or placing mirrors to make a space feel larger. Consider using frosted or decorative windows made with stained glass, and have them backlit to create a more sophisticated feel.

Adding mirrors may be a more feasible and affordable option, that doesn't require overhauling a hallway. Play around with the textures of frames for mirrors, and choose a good accent color for the walls.

Another easy way to transform the look and feel of a hallway is to change existing light fixtures. Sometimes a lighting choice may be too dim, too dated, or needs to be brighter. Installing a chandelier or vintage form of lighting can create an improved mood. Use light to create a sense of playfulness, elegance, or inject some
personality into a hallway.

If a hallway does have a window at its end, make good use of it as a focal point. The idea with a hallway is similar to other areas of a home, create a sense of movement for better visual flow and a sense of openness or coziness.
Your hallway should reflect itself as equally a part of your home's décor and feel like a bedroom, dining room, or living room. A hallway is not merely a utilitarian or practical device.

Larger hallways that have room for a small desk, dresser, or can fit a chair and bookshelf should be optimized.

Create a small nook for getting away from established rooms in a home. Turn a corner into a mini office space, or a place for sentimental items to be on display or stored.

white grey hallway

Make It Live

Don't forget the power of adding plants or living things like fish. A fish tank creates visual interest, and one can be placed inside a wall so that it can be seen on the side of the hallway and beyond.

Plants add color, clean the air, and promote good vibes all around. Make sure to choose plants appropriately based on how much light they need, especially in a hallway that lacks mirrors or indirect natural light.

In homes where a hallway starts right before the entryway of a space, such as following the foyer, you can create a mini jungle using a menagerie of plants to up the appeal of a home.

Accenting With Art

Whether you are new to collecting art, or are comfortable with picking up posters or postcards when out shopping to use as decorations, a hallway can be transformed into an exhibition space.

Choose simple decorating ideas such as nesting groups of framed art on a section of wall. Mix and match the types of frames between sleek and modern, or vintage with a slightly shabby look. You can find unique and inexpensive frames at thrift stores, yard sales, or garage sales for your space.

Paint frames yourself with colors that pick up on your dominant style for your home, or be loose with your creative liberties. If you have an overly large hallway, choose one point to hang an oversized painting, found object, or poster to capture interest. 

Don't forget to consider how you will light your images, using either designated lighting, windows, or reflected light from mirrors.

Flaunt Your Floor

If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors or tile flooring, you can choose to accent or hide your flooring with an attractive runner. Larger hallways can fit in a nice sized rug, depending on how much of the floor you want to show.

Homes that have a carpeted floor can still enjoy a runner in the space, creating visual interest, and emphasizing movement up and down a hallway space. For hallway ideas regarding flooring, consider plain or busier designs for a rug or runner. Consider the colors in the rug for how they create another focal point, or as a complement
to existing lighting or colors used on the walls.

Wearing On The Walls

White walls can come off as cold, sterile, and utterly boring. The walls in a hallway either be salvaged by placing thoughtful items such as plants, shelving, bookshelves, mirrors, and window treatments, or via paint color.

Be mindful about color therapy, the décor in your home, and how your color choice will impact your psyche and energy levels at home. You might not spend as much time in the hallway as other parts of your home, but it will still have an impact on your life and emotions.

You don't have to rush out and apply the latest approved Pantone color for the year, or hop onto the latest trending color palette. For hallway ideas regarding colors, choose something that you genuinely like that can easily be complemented with artwork, frames, mirrors, and furniture.

You don't have to have a wall painted a single color in its entirety. Only paint one section of a wall between the halfway point and lower part toward the baseboard. Choose to paint all but one wall the same color, and use an alternating color on the last wall to create an impact.

When considering creating textures with your paint job to transform your space, be careful about where you are going to hang things, so as not to damage the look.

If you don't want to commit to painting your hallway, you can still use wallpaper, or apply removable custom decals.

The Wrap Up

Whether you decide to decorate your home and hallway based off of principles in Feng Shui, follow a strict color theme, or litter your space with artwork, it's your choice. Both hallway ideas will be fabulous.

Understand how you use your home, how easily or challenging it is to navigate your space, and make relevant choices to improve and transform your home.

You don't have to break the bank to hire professionals for every decorating job in your home. There are plenty of affordable hallway ideas to readily change the look and feel of a space, which adds value, and make you feel happy to call your home yours.

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