A lot of people seem to share poor kitchen organization habits.

They never throw out near-empty boxes and bags.

Instead, they just pile new food into the cabinets after each shopping trip.

Next thing they know: their cabinets are cluttered beyond recognition.

The truth is, you can keep your kitchen cabinets clutter and stress free. Here’s how to organize kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization 101

You need to commit to actually changing your habits.

Yes, it’s hard – but it’s not impossible. Start small.

Here are some tips to keep your kitchen cabinet organization strategy running after your initial purge:

  • Put things back where you got them when you’re done.
  • Clear out your cabinets and throw away old food before each new shopping trip.
  • Start a compost pile for old fruits and veggies.
  • Dedicate certain cabinets or portions of kitchen pantry cabinets for specific groups of food items.
  • Make a recycling center for your kitchen.

These tips sound extremely simple, right? The key is to make them a part of your daily habit – much easier said than done.

Below, we’ll dig a little deeper into some of the points mentioned above and explain how to organize kitchen cabinets with a few easy hacks and ideas.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas and Hacks for Staying Organized

The key to kitchen cabinet organization is to think objectively about how you use your kitchen.

What do you cook? What types of ingredients and food items do you buy?

Think about it from a business perspective: take inventory of your kitchen pantry cabinets and general kitchen usage.

After that, you can develop an organization strategy and actually keep your kitchen organized.

Here are some kitchen pantry ideas and hacks for keeping your kitchen, pantry, and cabinets organized all of the time.

Dedicate Kitchen Pantry Cabinets for Specific Food Items

The first thing you need to do is group your food items into different categories:

  • Dry grains: rice, beans, pasta, flours
  • Baking supplies: baking soda, cocoa powder, sugar, nuts, condensed milk, spray oils, sweet spices
  • Condiments: olive oil, vinegars, savory spices, unopened sauces and stocks
  • Savory packaged snacks: crackers, chips, breads
  • Sweet packaged snacks: fruit snacks, granola bars, trail mix, cereal
  • Canned goods: veggies, fruit, soup, tuna, chili

Depending on how you cook, you may want to keep baking spices separate from savory spices for easier access. Then again, some people frequently cook savory dishes with sweet spices.

It all focuses on making access to these items easier for you while cooking or preparing food.

Cabinet Organizers for Further Categorization

Now that you’ve got your foodstuff grouped in categories, you can utilize cabinet organizers to kick your kitchen cabinet organization up a notch.

If you’re working on a budget, think outside the box a bit – there’s no need to remodel your kitchen.

Pick up some plastic, wooden, or wicker bins from your local home goods store to use as cabinet organizers. Get varying sizes and shapes.

You could also use office organizing items for your pantry cabinets like magazine holders, file holders and mini drawers, desk dividers, or sachet holders.

Now’s the time to bust out that label maker. Here are some ideas for further organizing your kitchen pantry cabinets:

  • Baker’s Bin: Flour, baking soda, oil, spray, sugar, spices, canned fruits, condensed milk
  • Healthy Snack Box: Prep-portioned baggies or containers filled with trail mix, whole grain crackers, or granola bars
  • Treat Yourself Bin: Pre-portioned baggies or containers filled with cookies, chips, bread, or baked goods
  • Back Stock Box: Food items that belong in the fridge once they’re opened or bulk items used for replenishing such as mayo, sauces, boxed milks, chicken stock, salt
  • Breakfast Bin: Cereals, granola, protein powder, and bars
  • Fast and Easy Meal Bin: Pastas with sauce jars, tuna cans with crackers, or ramen
  • Kid Snack Box: Granola bars, fruit snacks, pre-portioned chips and crackers, single servings of chocolate milk that don’t require refrigeration
  • Spice Bin: Get a large box with dividers for organizing your spices.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas for Making Use of Space

There’s never enough space to fit everything you need.

Take advantage of what you have. Here are some organization ideas for your kitchen cabinet, just by working with what you’ve got.

  • Hang hooks over the inside of the cabinet door.
  • Use magnetic strips for holding utensils and knives on the inside of doors or bottom of shelves.
  • Screw mason jars above your sink or under shelves for added food storage space.

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets Without Breaking the Bank

You don’t need to buy a bunch of fancy organizers from Ikea or Amazon – work with what you already have.

By keeping a few tips in mind and working to change your habits, you can stick to your kitchen cabinet organization strategy without letting clutter re-accumulate.

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