Whether it’s at home or at work, cooking a delicious meal in the oven takes time and skill. Cooks and chefs utilize their talents to create feasts for family, students, customers, and more.

But a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen – and the opposite is also true. Grim and food remains can pile up quickly on kitchen equipment if it is not cleaned properly. Not only can this diminish the appearance of the kitchen, but it can lead to more serious problems as well.

A dirty oven, for example, may impact the way the food tastes to some degree.

This is true not only for the racks where food items are placed to cook, but on the glass coverings found in most oven doors. It can be easy to ignore the specs of water and food particles flying up against this pane when the oven is turned on.

But those little stains and marks don’t just go away by themselves – in fact, they can accumulate over time.

Learning how to clean the oven door glass ensures a person can enjoy a clean kitchen, a fully functional stove, and the ability to see their food cooking at all times.

3 Reasons You Should Clean the Oven Door Glass

1. Clean Ovens Work Better

It may not seem like it, but cleaner ovens can actually perform better. Simply wiping away food stains and material from the sides and bottom of the inside of the oven can ensure the actual food that is cooking gets the proper heat to be safely prepared. The same is true with cleaning the glass.

2. Cleaner Glass Makes for Better Visibility

There are many times when a cook must keep their eyes on the thing they’re baking. When the glass is dirty, this becomes much harder than it should be. Cleaning oven glass ensures a person can see inside to make sure their food isn’t getting burnt – this helps them get it out at the right time for the best results.

3. Cleaning Oven Glass Promotes Good Habits

Once a person has gotten into a habit of cleaning every part of their kitchen, it becomes easier to keep the area tidy in the long-term. They can learn the best way to clean an oven, a sink, a refrigerator, and every other appliance in their kitchen to make sure the area stays clean and safe.

How to Clean the Glass Properly

Many people will simply take a damp cloth or even a dry one and attempt to wipe away the food stains on their oven door. But this isn’t always effective – sometimes a stain can be so ground-in that it requires a special solution to clean.

Oven owners may not need to get Norwex cleaning chemicals or help from specialists – a simple solution made from water and baking soda can do the trick. Mix the two in a small bowl, aiming for the consistency of an easily spreadable paste. It is important to make sure the mixture isn’t too runny, and that it can be put over the entire glass pane smoothly.

Set the timer for 15-20 minutes depending on how dirty the glass is. This should take the stains right off. The only thing left to do after this is to clean the glass once more by wiping away the remaining paste and residue with a simple cloth.

Once a person has learned to clean their oven glass properly, they can get into a habit of this and ensure their unit never has to sport a nasty door again.

How Often Should an Oven Glass Be Cleaned?

The amount of grime and food particles that gather on an oven door’s glass pane will vary. This depends on both the quality of the oven and how often it is used. This could also be influenced by the time of food cooked in the oven.

Cleaning oven glass is the type of basic chore which could be added to a list of others like cleaning out old food in the fridge and wiping down the ice machine. It doesn’t have to be done every day, but getting into a regular habit never hurts.

For residential kitchens, they may be able to get by with cleaning their oven glass only once a month. In some cases, they can go even longer without having to worry about it. For commercial kitchens, it is usually a good idea to clean up the oven glass every week or so.

Cleaner kitchens make for tastier meals. While the stains on oven glass may have been there for weeks or even months, it is possible to get rid of them in a matter of minutes.

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