Couches are very comfortable, not only for people but also for dirt, bacteria and other small items that want to hide from you like your TV remote controller or your iPhone. That is why sometimes the couch can be such a dirty piece of work and you may dread the day when you need to clean that monstrosity. There are a lot of creative ways on how to clean a couch. A dirty couch is not a reason to hate cleaning your home. Couch cleaning will be a breeze if you know how to disinfect a couch and how to clean couch cushions.

Cleaning the right way

The first rule of thumb is to allot time and resources. Cleaning a deep couch is actually simple, as long as you know what you are doing. The method must be followed step by step to ensure that the couch will be free of any dirt or impurities.

You have to identify the type of cushion fabric of your couch. It can be a cotton blend. The cushion can also be made of leather for those who like the sleek modern look. Others prefer a smooth linen, and others want to make the couch a focal design point by buying a vinyl one. This knowledge is important due to the fact that some fabrics need special care on how to wash or how to dry them.

Cotton and Linen Couch Cleaning

Cotton couch cleaning is relatively simpler than others. For Linen couches, the same process can be done. You just need to exert more force. Cotton is a bit more fragile so you have to handle the cleaning with care.

How to clean couch cushions

The very first thing you can do is to use a rubber glove. You can gather the dust, hair follicles and other small items that are too tiny for the naked eye. A quick sweep using your hand will work wonders in taking those small pesky things. This is especially true for those who have pets living in their house.

The next step would be to remove the cushions. Take off the protective lining and go outside. Once you are out of your room or house, give the cushions a good beating. That will teach those couch cushions not to get more dirt and grime! By beating the cushions, you will remove the debris that you cannot get from swiping with the rubber glove.

You can use a small hand vacuum to make the cleaning easier and a lot more effective. The vacuum can suck out the dirt in places you cannot reach.  Always remember to vacuum the space underneath first and then the sides of the couch. If the cushions are affixed to the couch, have the vacuum extender to reach them.

How to remove pesky stains

If there are stains due to spills from food or beverages, you can try to scrape them off first. Do this gently through a use of a spoon that was dipped in warm water for a couple of minutes. This is to make the spoon hotter than the stains so that the chemical bonds between the stain and the couch will be weaker due to the change of temperature. Just make sure that it is not boiling water so that the spoon will not damage the couch.

After scraping off the stain, you can apply a cloth that is wet with soapy water. Make sure that the cloth does not have any dye just to ensure that you will not get any discoloration.

How to disinfect a couch

Dirt is not the only thing that you need to clean off from your couch. You also need to disinfect especially the surface area since that is the part where a lot of bacteria would congregate. While cleaning and vacuuming can take off the dirt and food particles that encourage the growth of bacteria, you will find out that these pesky organisms can really reproduce quickly.

Cleaning off the dirt and grime from your couch would be a great way to prevent the growth of bacteria. However, these are not enough to destroy the infestation. This is where vinegar would come in.

Vinegar would be a great way to change the pH levels. This would give an environment that will discourage the bacteria from reproducing.

Yes, vinegar may have a sour smell, but it is immensely impressive in reducing not only the population of bacteria but also the reproduction. However, when you are applying the vinegar, please dilute it with water because it may have an effect on your couches. Mix vinegar and water in a sprinkler and just spray it on the area and leave it alone for a couple of minutes before wiping it out.

For those who do not want a liquid conduction, just leave baking soda on the area for 20 minutes to half an hour.

Once the steps mentioned above are done, you can be assured that your couch will be clean enough to use for the whole family.

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