Learn about the best house hacks to keep your home cleaner than ever!

Keeping your house clean can be a challenge, and it’s easy to find plenty of funny life hacks online, but did you know there are some valuable home hacks that can make clean living possible?

From using lemon and salt to cut grease in your oven, to learning the best ways to remove dust from blinds, here are some valuable techniques that can make life easier in your home.

5 House Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

When it comes to house cleaning hacks, they come a dime a dozen. There are, however, some methods that have passed the test of time, and are must-tries for any homeowner. These include:

1. Use a Glove to Pick Up Pet Hair

For all the animal lovers out there, dealing with pet hair is a fact of life. The only problem with it is that it can create allergy-aggravating environments that aren’t exactly welcoming to guests. Luckily, with a rubber glove and some water, you can easily pick up all the pet hair in any given area. This is especially useful for leather sofas or chairs, where guests may be spending time in your home.

2. Versatility of Lemon Juice

While lemon juice is a great way to top of a dish, it can also be used for plenty of cleaning solutions in the home. For one, you can squeeze lemon juice into a bowl of water and microwave it to create a smell removal mist. Because of the acidity of lemon juice, it can also be used as a great cleaning agent on things like grout stains and caked on grease.

3. Cat Litter for Car Oil

Is your driveway embarrassingly covered in car oil stains? Like its intended use, cat litter is a great way to attract liquids, including oil. Pour cat litter on top of the stains and move the litter around for an even spread. After some time, the liquids will seep into the litter, which can then be removed and disposed of. This is particularly a great trick for the DIY car project home.

4. Motorized Cleaning

Do you have a drill? A great house hack is adding a brush to the tip of your drill. This will allow you to increase your scrubbing power without breaking your back. Best of all, you can use this technique to clean even the hardest places like grout.

5. Reduce Dust with Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a great way to remove static from your home, but did you also know they can be used to repel dust? Rub them on your baseboard or your lampshades, and you can quickly have a protective film that will limit the amount of dust that attracts to these spots.

By using these five home cleaning hacks, you can cut down the amount of time it takes you to clean, and also create a healthier environment in your home.

Fun DIY House Projects for the Whole Family

Most of us have attempted or know someone who has tried a DIY house project. While plenty of these can turn into funny DIY fails, there are a few that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. An easy one to start with is customized coffee mugs. All you need is a mug, a sharpie, and pre-heated oven. After you write your message on the mug, you bake it for 30-minutes, and before you know it, you’ll have a personalized mug!

Another great project to take on as a family is using store bought frames to create chalkboard signs. All you need to do is visit your local home store, and find cool-looking picture frames. Using the glass that comes with the frame, you will buy chalkboard paint. Paint the glass and put it back in the frame, and you now have a cool chalkboard sign to hang anywhere in your home.

Finally, another great DIY house project to take on is creating original wind chimes. Do you have scrap metals, old keys, or locks lying around your home? Add them all together to create a unique and vintage looking wind chime that can be hung anywhere indoors or outdoors.

There are plenty of other DIY house projects to try, but be sure to choose ones that are within your wheelhouse. The last thing you want is a DIY fail.

Make Your House a Home with Hacks

Whether you find a good cleaning solution or spend your time looking up funny life hacks, there are plenty of resources you can find online to make your house a home. By spending the time to add custom touches throughout, including unique pieces like the chalkboard frames or wind chimes, you can create a welcoming home your whole family will enjoy. Best of all, many of these house hacks make life easier, which in the end is what every homeowner would like.

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