Home Depot is by far the largest home-improvement company in the world, with annual revenues of up to $88.5 billion, and more than 2,000 stores around the globe.

While the company is best known for the selling and renting out of home improvement equipment, it also provides its customers with information and easy-to-use tools for DIY projects. The instructions for various DIY projects are readily available on Pinterest.

As the world’s number one DIY-inspired company, Home Depot realizes that DIY projects shouldn’t be exclusive to adults, especially men, and so they’ve established DIY workshops targeting kids and women.

Home Depot Free Workshops for Kids

The workshops are organized in all Home Depot stores and are held on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. In these DIY workshops, professionals in various fields give kids expert instructions on how to make different household items from scratch in just a few simple steps.

The training encompasses a wide range of skills including basic carpentry, interior painting, drywall repair, simple woodwork, and making outdoor décor items like mats. Your kids need to carry the supplies they need at the training.

The Home Depot DIY workshops are a great way of impacting DIY skills on your kids. These skills can even set them on a career path in the future.

In addition, your kids get to take their DIY projects home and are each awarded a certificate and an achievement pin.

Only kids between the ages of 4 years and 12 years are eligible to attend the workshops. More importantly, the event is available at everybody’s favorite price – absolutely free! This is a great opportunity that your kids can’t miss out on.

There no better way of spending those lazy weekends.

Home Depot Do-It-Herself Workshops 

Do-It-Herself workshops are aimed at helping women gain the necessary confidence and skills to make basic home repairs and easy home improvements. At these workshops, women are offered step-by-step instructions, hands-on experience, as well as home makeover advice.

Some of the skills that you can garner include building a storage bench, installing a vanity, installing tile backsplashes, drywall repair, interior painting, and more.

If you are looking for a fun way to spend with your girls, the Do-It-Herself workshops should be your best bet. Check the Home Depot schedule to see if there is one happening near you.

How Did Home Depot Grow into a DIY Giant? 

Founded way back in the 1970s, Home Depot is one of the few retail stores with a history spanning for over four decades.

The company’s origin can be traced back to 1978 in the state of Georgia, where the founders – Bernard Marcus, Pat Farrah, Arthur Blank, and Ron Bill – identified a promising niche in the home-improvement retail industry and decided to pool all their resources and start the superstore.

The first two Home Depot stores were both situated in Atlanta and opened in 1979.

The company later got more funding to facilitate its unstoppable growth by going public, first on NASDAQ in 1981 and later on the NSE in 1984.

By 1989, the company had surpassed Lowe to become America’s largest home improvement store, a distinction Home Depot holds to date.

The late-90s and early 2000s represented the period when Home Depot went on an acquisition spree, acquiring numerous retail stores and hardware chains including one of the largest Mexican home-improvement retailers – Home Mart, plumbing wholesale giant store – Apex Supply, San Diego’s leading repairs and maintenance company – Maintenance Warehouse, and Canadian hardware chain – Aikenhead’s Hardware.

Home Depot recorded poor performance during the 2007-2008 recession, with a record drop in its sales which resulted to the company shutting down as many as 54 stores across the United States.

However, the difficult times didn’t last for long and by 2012 all stores were up and running. Moreover, Home Depot had entered the Chinese home improvement market.

Home Depot Hours (Opening/ Closing)

According to the Home Depot website, all stores are opened between 6 AM and 10 PM from Monday to Saturday. Some of the stores are open on Sunday from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Moreover, all Home Depot stores remain closed during major federal holidays including Independence Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving Day.

However, these operating hours vary from store to store, but you can check the business hours of your nearest store using a Home Depot’s store locator.

The company also makes sure that customers are always informed of a store’s closure regardless of the circumstances through print, electronic, and digital media platforms.

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