The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where you start and finish your day – taking a bath in the morning, getting ready for work and school, and having a relaxing warm bath before going to bed. There will be no argument that bathrooms should always be kept clean and tidy. But aside from keeping it free from germs and bacteria, bathrooms should all be organized and that includes toiletries and bathroom supplies. You can organize these bathroom supplies with a hanging wire basket to prevent them being scattered all over the sink and other areas of the bathroom.

Yes, the other parts of your home like the living room and kitchen get all the attention and praises from your guests, but the bathroom is where they freshen up while they’re in your house. That is another reason why hanging storage baskets are needed to keep the bathroom guest-friendly.

Good news! You can now DIY your own hanging wire basket and still get the same organizing benefits of the mass-produced bathroom baskets that can be bought at stores or even online. The usual hanging storage baskets are valued at $20 and up in IKEA and other stores.

A DIY hanging wire basket will not take a lot of your time and effort – it is an easy-peasy thing to do. Explore your creativity and grab your tools; let us make a hanging wire basket.

Trip to the Dollar Store: Gather the Materials

First, grab your wire baskets at the nearest dollar store for only a dollar or two. The best wire baskets for this DIY project are the rectangular ones for better and more effective way of storing toiletries and bathroom supplies, such as bathroom tissue papers and towels. If you want to be extra creative, you can also try the round wire baskets and store your tissue papers sideways and your towels rolled. You can also check out and try different shapes (if there are any), but just make sure that the shape you chose is storage-worthy.

Now that you have your wire baskets ready, you need to find something to hook them up. Look for four heavy duty screws and four drywall anchors that fit perfectly the screws for a more effective installation. To support the wire basket, four washers are also needed. These are thin plates with holes used for normally distributing the load of screws and other fasteners.

Now, you know the drill – you need a power drill. You will also need your toolbox to DIY your own hanging wire basket. There is no need for any professional tools; just grab some pencil and hammer and you are good to go. For efficiency, a level is also needed to make sure that the basket is installed straight and properly aligned.

These are the only things you need to prepare. Basically, all you really need to buy is the wire basket and the rest can be found inside your toolbox – definitely under $5. Again, here are the things you need to have.

  • Wire basket
  • Four heavy duty screws
  • Four anchors
  • Four washers
  • Power Drill
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Level

Are all materials ready? It’s time to unleash your inner creativity and install the DIY hanging wire basket.

How to DIY Hanging Wire Basket

Making your own hanging organizer is as easy as one, two, and three.

First, hold the basket up the wall and use the level to make sure that the basket is straight. Mark the openings on the four corners of the basket touching the wall with your pencil. That’s where you will drill the holes.

Second, remove the basket. It’s time to use the drill. The drill should be a bit smaller than the wall anchor to ensure that the anchors will be tightly affixed. After drilling the holes, hammer the anchors into the holes.

Lastly, place the basket on the wall and drill the screw, but make sure that the washer is placed behind the screw head and above the basket.

Finally, your hanging wire basket is done. You can also use woven baskets and other lightweight baskets that can withstand piles of towels, toiletries, and rolls of tissue papers. You can also install as many baskets as you like to organize your bathroom stuff better.

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