When it comes to fireplaces, they can make a strong impression in your home. However, without the proper tending to, they can also quickly turn into little more than an eyesore. The key to avoiding that outcome is to try out a fireplace makeover—and it doesn’t even have to involve an extensive remodeling project!

With the winter months approaching, it’s easy to start thinking about your fireplace. But even if you don’t start a fire even once over the season, there’s no reason you can’t update your fireplace’s look to make it a better fit for holiday gatherings, general company, or even to make your space more pleasant.

To help give you some inspiration, here are some fireplace makeover projects that you can tackle on your own!

Mosaic Fireplace

You don’t just have to rely on plain tile surrounding your fireplace or even having a dull mantle. Mosaic tiles can be the perfect way to create a visually exciting way to highlight the look of your hearth and help its design coordinate with the rest of the room as well. You don’t need to create any complex designs; having about three or four closely colored tiles in the mix will be enough.

What’s great about this project is that you only need the time and the right supplies to make a mosaic fireplace a reality in your home. You can also match the floor tiles to the mantle or use two separate patterns to make some contrast. It’s up to you and what you’re willing to put into the project.

Bring Your Fireplace into the Spotlight

If you’re not sure of what to do with your fireplace, it can be easy to focus on other parts of your décor. As a result, the hearth becomes an afterthought, especially if you don’t get any practical use from it. Fireplaces with bland designs that meld into the wall are also easy to forget. Bringing the attention to the hearth can create a whole new look for your room.

Wall flats are an excellent material for creating a bump out fireplace, and you can make them any color you like for coordination in the room. To further help bring the attention to the hearth, don’t make any other showy statements with your décor, like eye-catching rugs. As you build the bump out, don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your mantel as well.

Whitewash the Brick

Because of the material’s durability, brick is a common choice for building around fireplaces. Block on its own tends to make an impressive statement, and it can set the tone for the rest of the room as well. But what are your DIY options when it comes to giving a brick fireplace a makeover? Tearing down brick isn’t a simple weekend project.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go that far to change things up. Instead, work with your brick and employ whitewashing techniques. After you give your bricks a thorough clean, you can go over the surface with a mixture of even parts paint and water. The result? It’ll look like you have a whole new fireplace, ready to go over a few days of work!

Restore the Gate

While the fireplace gate has its practical uses regarding keeping everyone on the right side of the hearth, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re also a piece of the design. The fireplace gate can give the impression of elegance, completely transforming the look.

If your fireplace already has a gate, this is the perfect time to swap it out for a new one, changing up a potentially outdated style. If you don’t have a barrier, consider installing one! With the right look, you can completely change your impression of an otherwise dull hearth. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you handle the surrounding décor in response.

Update Your Mantle

When updating a fireplace, you can’t neglect the mantle—sometimes, it’s even more visible than the hearth itself! Because the frame can be such an eyecatcher, it’s the perfect target for a DIY fireplace makeover. Whether your current mantle is uninspiring or you don’t have much of one, it may be time to roll up the sleeves and install a brand new design.

Of course, you don’t have to go to those extremes if you don’t want to. Sometimes all you need to do is repaint your existing mantle to give it a whole new impression. Don’t forget that accessories make a huge impact, too. Empty off the top of the frame, wipe away the dust, and bring in the beautiful accessories to help catch the eye and revive your fireplace.

Mortar Washed Brick

Whitewashing is one of the possible options for changing up the look of a brick fireplace. Instead of a water and paint solution, mortar washing (also known as a German Smear) the bricks involves caking mortar over the block, only allowing a little of the material underneath to show through.

The result of this technique is a smooth white surface with pieces of brick showing through at different intervals. It creates an old-world sort of feeling that creates a distinct impression than whitewashing on its own does. It also works just as well on brick surfaces of any size. You could quickly turn around the look of an entire room depending on how much brick you have.

Built-In Bookshelves

For the genuinely DIY savvy people that are ready to start up a construction project, consider completely remodeling the entire wall around your fireplace. While many fireplaces are part of a plain wall, that’s all the more reason to revamp the space around the hearth for some practical use.

You can choose whatever style of bookshelf you like, then build units to the sides and even over the fireplace setup. Naturally, you’ll have to pay attention to what self-space is in the potential range of errant sparks if you still light up a fire now and then, but there’s plenty of options. You can even convert some of the shelf space into a television stand if the fireplace is in a room with a TV.

Consider a Two-Sided Insert

Depending on the build of your fireplace, you may have the option to install a two-sided insert during a remodeling project. This layout means that you get a fireplace on both sides of the wall, which gives you additional room to show off your decorating charms, even if having a working fireplace helps to achieve the best level of aesthetic and relaxation for everyone.

Depending on your DIY capabilities, creating a two-sided fireplace can be a more extensive project. Even so, if you’re already planning to work on a hearth remodel for the mantle, tile, or any other construction aspect, it can be better to do these projects in tandem, so that you have an easier time coordinating your decoration efforts.

Tilework Upgrades

The tile near or surrounding your fireplace can have a significant impact on the look of the place. Aside from upgrading your tilework completely, you may also be able to add a fresh few layers of paint to change the overall impression of the look. Like whitewashing your bricks, this method doesn’t take much time or investment to pull off a fireplace makeover.

If you’re willing to tear up and put down new tile, you have plenty of options as well. With an inactive fireplace, you also have even more flexibility, since you don’t have to worry about what materials can take the heat. If you want to invest in some higher quality tile, a nonworking hearth is a place to do it.

Paint Over Brass Fireplace Inserts

Brass fireplace inserts are a common design choice, especially in tandem with brick fireplaces. Unfortunately, that brass color may not be your design choice, meaning that it’s time to redo the look! Thankfully, it’s possible to paint over the brass and transform the look of the place—without needing to tear the whole thing apart.

To paint near a fireplace, you want to have high heat resistant materials to install. Thankfully, these types of paints come in a convenient spray can form, making it easy to get into whatever weird nooks and crannies your fireplace design may have! Just be prepared to cover the rest of your mantle and adequately prepare for using spray paint indoors, and you’ll be good to go!

Wrapping Up

When considering a fireplace makeover, there is no shortage of potential ideas for what you can do. From adding in new structures to simply changing up the color scheme that you’re working with, you can have the first step in bringing your hearth back to life in no time!

The best part is that it doesn’t take complicated construction projects to make it happen. Even a simple paint job can help you revolutionize a room with the fireplace as the focal point or even just as an updated piece of décor. So long as your hearth doesn’t become an eyesore or disappear into the background, then you’re on the right track!

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