Check out these six elegant closet door ideas popular today and figure out what your ideal closet space may look like. Add style to any room or entry closet with options for any shape or size of a closet. 

No matter what type of bedroom décor you prefer, from modern to traditional, these elegant closet door ideas are a requirement. Closets may not be the centerpiece of any room. However, they are an important addition to your home. They store your clothing and accessories, offer dressing rooms and changing areas, and even store your coats by the door.

Stylish and elegant, out best closet door ideas will fit your needs and lifestyle while offerings a functional and necessary place to store all your belongings. When thinking about your closet, consider the size of your space as well as the longevity of the material you select. You’ll find a list of things that will weigh in on your decision below as well as six elegant closet door ideas that are hot right now.

Important Terms To Know About Our Closet Door Ideas

Before you can find your dream closet door ideas, you may need to consider what types of closets and doors are commonly found in homes. The following shapes and styles of closets can help you find the best option for you.

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Closets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Walk-in closets, for example, generally come in three possibilities, which come with different pros to each:

  • L-shape: Allows for space to move around as you dress or maneuver your storage items, possibly even an ottoman or small seating area where you can put on your shoes.
  • U-shape: Offers the maximum amount of storage space.
  • Straight walk-in: Perfect for small bedrooms and offers an easy way for couples to stick to a side of the closet.

However, with these elegant closet door ideas, you don’t need to have a walk-in closet to feel elegant. A small wardrobe can just as easily serve you well if you have a smaller bedroom or tiny home.

Door Styles

Different styles of doors will affect the overall functionality of your wardrobe and come with their own pros and cons as well. Folding closet doors, for example, may require some space outside the closet to allow them to open and can cast shadows on the contents of your closet but they are great space savers.

Typical closet doors come in four styles:

Bi-folding doors

Popular and inexpensive, these doors come in a variety of materials. Two panels are mounted on hinges, and the doors slide outward to open.

Folding doors

Perfect for small spaces. Folding doors open to show off a wardrobe without bothering with doors in the way, which can cast shadows on your clothing.

Sliding doors

Another great option for tiny spaces, sliding doors are typically inexpensive and come in modern “pocket door” options that allow the doors to slide into pockets in the side walls. They also allow for decorating and creative additions like geometric shapes, fun colors, or patterned wallpaper.

Swinging doors

These doors often open both inward and outward, which is ideal for people with walk-in closets who need more of a partition between bedroom and wardrobe.


Think about how much storage you may need in your when looking for closet door ideas. If you have a lot of accessories, a large seasonal wardrobe, or shop for holiday gifts all year round, you may need ample amounts of storage. A dedicated storage area in a closet is a great way to keep rooms looking nice and uncluttered while storing all your clothing and accessories to make it easier than ever to find the items you need when you need them.

Organizational shelving, hanging space, drawers, and cabinets can offer the right combination of options to fit the needs of any sized home. These can be built if you have the closet space or added using clever IKEA storage hacks to solve your storage needs.

Wooden Doors

With so many different wood options available, you can create an elegant wooden closet door that is unique and entirely. Wooden doors can be used for any type of closet door ideas, including bi-fold doors, walk-in closet doors, sliding doors, and some more stylish options too.


  • Real wood is elegant and durable. The material will remain strong for years to come and can handle a good deal of rough handling, which makes them an ideal option for closets doors that hold a lot of storage space.
  • Consider this option if you have shelves inside your closet or use it to store exercise equipment, for example.
  • Wooden doors are also more private, adding an extra layer of security to the content of your closet.
  • Guests won’t be able to easily see what you have stored.
  • Many people love this fact because it allows you to hide things that can clutter up a room like craft materials or early Christmas presents.


  • Wooden wardrobes will require paneled doors or typical bi-fold doors for access and they can take up a considerable amount of space.
  • If you have a smaller bedroom, a wooden closet may simply be out of the question for you.

Frosted Glass Doors

Another one of our closet door ideas is a modern and trendy, frosted glass closet doors. They are a popular new additive to bedrooms today. The layered glass can frame a wooden door for added durability, and they can come as sliding, bi-fold, swinging, or even folding doors.

Tip: Frame your frosted glass for an added touch.


  • Combined with a hint of blue, a frosted door creates a calm setting that’s perfect for bedrooms.
  • Many frosted glass doors are sliding doors, which saves space and only exposes the section of the closet you need at one time.
  • They’re also great at offering a dramatic entrance to walk-ins while allowing for plenty of light to pass into the closet without exposing too much.


  • Glass is fragile and easily breaks.
  • Parents with young children may find it cheaper to stick to a more durable material for bedroom closets in the case of an accident.

Mirrored Doors

From do-it-yourself options to a variety of shapes and styles, you can pull off a lot of different looks with mirrored doors. In the bedroom, they’ll allow you to see your entire outfit. Plus, a hallway coat closet with mirrors can expand the space of your entry room and add light.


  • You can add mirrors easy to any type of closet door or create a full floor to ceiling closet door made of mirrors to create the perfect dressing room.
  • They’re also great at reflecting light and making small spaces (and entire bedrooms for that matter) appear larger.


Industrial Doors

Chic and sexy, industrial-style doors often slide to reveal their contents. Combine an industrial look with other types of closet options or design your ideal closet with a stylish edge. The possibilities are endless with industrial chooses.


  • They’re great for small spaces because sliding doors help conserve space, and the materials are sturdier than many options.
  • Masculine-style bedrooms or single men also enjoy this contemporary and stylish look.


  • This style is not for everyone, even if it is popular today.
  • Sliding doors are also known to come off the tracks from time to time, which can be frustrating and industrial doors can sometimes be heavy to attempt lifting back into place.
  • For some, they may perpetuate injury as well.

Barn Doors

For a softer, cottage in the country type of feel, barn doors can add a layer of interesting to your bedroom. Who needs décor when you have a beautiful barn door spanning one of your walls? These closet doors are great for hallways and bedrooms, yet versatile enough to offer two main options: sliding, also known as pocket doors, or a traditionally hung door using a roller kit.

Tip: Paint them a cool gray color for a trendy yet serene bedroom or pick your favorite color and make your closet an accent color that will wow guests and brightens your days.


  • Barn doors offer a wow factor to your bedroom and provide a great homey feel.
  • They’re also typically sliding doors, which save space in small areas, or used for walk-in closets.
  • The wood is durable and depending on the type of handles on your barn-style closet doors, open easily.


  • Closet doors like this can be heavy, depending on where you purchase your doors.
  • Again, this is a style choice that may not be for everyone.


Instead of doors altogether, you can hang curtains to hide a cluttered closet and skip on expensive door costs. This option allows you some freedom to really design your room how you want, and visitors will never know you have a closet instead of a window behind your curtains.


  • Curtains cost less than any other option, and they add an added way to save space in tight areas.
  • Great for kids’ rooms, they come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit any person’s taste.
  • This also allows you to open the curtains or tie them back and use your entire bedroom as a walk-in closet/sitting room if you hate cramped spaces or feel claustrophobic in traditional walk-ins.


  • The material is not the best at protecting the contents of your closet.
  • With doors like these, you won’t be able to lock the door if that’s important for you.

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