Once the clutter starts accumulating, it can feel like you’ll never get organized again.

Clutter is so incredibly overwhelming and mentally stressful.

Nothing is ever where you need it but a bunch of junk sits out in the open.

Here’s how to declutter your home – for good.

Decluttering Your Home 101: Take it Slow

Cleaning your home is easy, keeping it decluttered is the hard part.

If your every room is full of clutter, the thought of organizing can feel like climbing Mount Everest.

Keep these tips in mind before you get started to not only declutter your home – but keep it organized.

  1. Start small. Take it one room – or one section – at a time. Plan on devoting one full day to each room so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. Break bad habits. Put things back where you got them. Make a household rule against leaving clutter in certain places like the coffee table.
  3. Slow down. People are always in a rush. As a result, they tend to just drop things wherever is most convenient. Slow down: think and act with mindfulness.
  4. Have a space for everything. You don’t need to get super specific, but using bins and boxes to organize different categories of items can help keep your home decluttered. You’re more likely to put an item where it “belongs” if it has a dedicated space.
  5. What makes up most of your clutter? Is it mail, office items, or electronic cords? Think about your thought process while you’re using this item to avoid just dropping them anywhere.
  6. Cut back. It might be hard, but prepare to throw a lot of stuff away or give to donation centers. It’s easier to keep your home decluttered if you have less stuff to create a mess.

How to Organize Your Room

No matter which room you’re organizing, your strategy should be the same: get rid of old items and find a specific place for everything else.

How you do this will look different depending on the room because each room contains different items with varying purposes.

Home Depot Storage Bins for Every Room

You can’t go wrong by picking up some Home Depot storage bins for every room of your house.

  • Small bins to place underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink for cleaning supplies.
  • Medium-sized bins for closets to hold seasonal clothing.
  • Large storage for blankets, pillows, shoes, and other items.

These storage bins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You could even decorate them to make them fit with the rest of your home’s décor. That way, you can keep a functional storage space right in the middle of your living room.

(Multipurpose Home Depot storage bin and ottoman anyone?)

Farm House Ideas for Hiding Clutter

This rustic style is perfect for decluttering your home because it focuses on lots of storage space like cabinets, shelves, and boxes.

These farm house ideas are perfect for hiding clutter:

  1. Glass and distressed wood cabinets
  2. Pastel painted wooden shelves for creating a phone charging station
  3. Copper tubes and pipes for hiding wires along the wall
  4. Large wardrobes for storing coats, hats, shoes, and jackets out of sight
  5. Rolling wooden carts for extra kitchen storage

As you can see, farm house ideas give you the perfect opportunity to organize your home with a rustic or vintage feel – forget the plastic storage boxes.

DIY Vanity Organizer for Your Bathroom

Folks who love makeup know what a challenge it is to keep the bathroom organized – but it can be done with a DIY vanity organizer.

The key is to create an environment where you feel compelled to put everything back in the right place instead of just throwing it into a drawer or onto the counter.

(Your roommates or family will thank you.)

Here are just a few DIY vanity organizer ideas to spark your inspiration:

  • Nail polish storage shelves from Ikea
  • Use a hot glue gun to bind drinking glasses together in a pyramid shape. Lay it sideways for brushes, liners, and other stick shaped items.
  • Office organization items. Pick up office items like plastic boxes or pencil organizers for your makeup.
  • Tool box – can’t go wrong with this one.

How to Declutter Your Home on a Budget

The great thing about decluttering your home is that it doesn’t require a bunch of money or resources – just time and effort.

If you want to keep your home decluttered, you need to change your habits. Take things slow and don’t overwhelm yourself.

Keep these tips in mind and you can keep your home decluttered for good.

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