Are you tired of churning out cash every week or month to pay your gym membership subscription? Why not create some DIY workout equipment to save yourself some money?

You are not alone; more and more people are feeling that apart from being expensive, gyms lack the necessary privacy, and may seem uninviting to beginners.

But did you know you can take your workout routine to the privacy and comfort of your home by creating your own DIY workout equipment? With just a few old tires, you can be on your way to the ultimate physical fitness.

Working out with these tires will be just as effective as working out with the training gear at your gym. This means that you’ll save a lot of money at the end of each month while still staying fit.

Using Workout Tires as DIY Workout Equipment

Using workout tires, simply put, makes you feel STRONG. Usually, you can find these tires for free. However, the downside is that you have to find a way to get it back to your house and inside.

Just check any tire yard or heavy equipment shop — they will most likely  have one for you.

The best workout is simply flipping these monsters. However, you can also attach a tow rope to the tire and use it for pulling.

Here are some of the DIY workout equipment ideas that you can make from an old tire:

Making Workout Tire Sledges  

Pulling a tire sledge is a workout routine commonly used by professional athletes and mountaineers to improve their legs’ strength.

Some of the items that you’ll need for this DIY workout equipment project are:

  • An old tire, preferably one from a 16-inch wheel
  • A chain link, 6 feet in length and snap link
  • A drill (can be manual or electric)
  • A tow strap measuring 12 feet. Old seatbelts and fire hoses can be used as alternatives
  • A heavy item such as an iron bar or a gym weight
  • A bolt measuring 3 inches, complete with a nut and washer

Once all these items are in place, it’s time to start creating your DIY workout equipment. The process is quite simple; just follow these steps:

  • First, using the drill, make a hole into the tire. Make sure the hole lies in the middle of the tire’s threads.
  • Next, insert the bolt into the hole, accompanied by the washer and nut.
  • Take the tow strap/ fire hose/ old seatbelt and use a water knot to connect both ends.
  • Connect one end of the chain link to the snap link, and while running the other end through to the tow strap, connect it to the eyebolt in the tire.
  • Place the heavy item inside the old tire.

And there you go, your own home-made drag harness.

With this DIY workout equipment, you can do some intense workouts that are excellent for your thigh, calf muscles, and abs – all in the comfort of your home.

To use the tire sledge, you only need to fasten the tow strap around your midsection just below the ribs and drag the weight over a distance. You can increase or reduce the pressure inside the tire to fit your workout regime.

Flipping Old Giant Tractor Tires 

Giant tractor tires are also great exercise “equipment.” Professional wrestlers and bodybuilders use these massive tires in their workout routines for strength and stability. It is also popular in strong-man competitions around the world.

Getting these tires won’t be a big problem. However, they’ll occupy a lot of space and may be difficult to transport.

Once you have the tire in your at home, you should clean it up, remove all traces of dirt, and clip off any protruding wires (abrasive sandpaper should help in ensuring the tire’s surface is nice and smooth). Your giant tire is now ready for use.

The workout regime with these giant tires is simple – just flip it over a distance or do some deadlifts with it. If you can’t lift it on your own, partner up with another person and manipulate this monster weight. Teamwork and timing are necessary for this exercise to be successful.

You can also use a sledgehammer to hit the tire as part of the workout routine. This is not only fun but will also improve your general fitness. Baseball players, volleyball players, and wrestlers can benefit tremendously from this sledgehammer-tire training.

Tire jumps are also a good workout with tires for your legs. You can do regular box jumps, or just hop the entire time, or jump in, out, and sideways.

Training with your tires may seem challenging to start, but once you got the hang of it, you’ll end up loving it and be drawn to endless potential.

Take Out That Old Tire and Start Exercising 

Exercising with your tires offers an unparalleled and unique experience that should be considered in strength and conditioning programs to enhance your coordination, strength, and power production.

Putting Your DIY Workout Equipment to Good Use

Now that you have the steps of converting old tires into DIY workout equipment for home training, get up from that couch, find a tire and save yourself from the stress of working out in a crowded and judgmental gym.

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