The bathroom storage area is useful, but can be quite limited. We store a lot of things in our bathrooms, and a crowded bathroom will have an atmosphere that will definitely not be great for your hygiene or relaxation. Getting a bathroom organizer or even bathroom wall storage cabinets may be a good idea, but there are a lot of ways to make your bathroom as spacious and as fashionable without the hassle.

Be an Architect, Have a Storage Tower

What is a storage tower? It is a bathroom drawer organizer that allows you to pile your items like a tower. It adds a visual aesthetic as well. In fact, you can take away the sliding door so that you can easily see and get the items you store. You can put clothes on the bottom and the towels at the top. This will really give character to the storage tower.

A series of colorful rolled towels on top of each other will give your bathroom a refreshing visual effect. It will also be a very convenient way to take the items as well as a nice way to break a monotone style that is usually present in a bathroom.

As an added function, you can put a few hooks on the door or sides if the towels or clothes are not rolled but are folded instead. This gives it more practical use as more space is made available. If there are different colors, it also gives a nicer view.

Fly High with Shelves from on High

Walls are, in a sense, a waste of space if they are empty. Cabinets can take too much space if they are too near each other.  In fact, they can give a constricting atmosphere in the bathroom if they crowd a wall.

One remedy is to use something like a hanger or an inverted bracket. Rather than a cabinet that takes four sides, an inverted bracket can give you a shelf that saves more space and at the same time give you a better view than a cabinet. To give more artistic value to inverted brackets, you can make a pyramid pattern, with larger brackets at the bottom and smaller brackets at the top. Visitors will give you a lot of compliments for an interesting and practical formation.

Hangers also add a touch of both fun and practicality. With hangers, the towels or hair caps and even clothes can be within an arm’s reach. It will also give a sort of rhythm with the atmosphere, since you can place the said hangers or hooks in ascending or descending patterns. That way, children can reach their own towels or clothes and at the same time add variety.

Stacking and Shelving with Style and Function

Give your sink more style and function by giving it a sliding drawer. Better yet, make it two or three sliding drawers. You can put your shampoos and conditioners in one drawer, and your oral hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss in another.  Drawers give you extra space and they look better.

You can go beyond the normal drawers. Some drawers are curved, where they look like more of a bag. That will give a surprising twist, literally, and at the same time not take a lot of space. This will lessen the possibility of using hooks inside, but it makes it a lot more compact. One interesting way would be to put the bag-like drawers at the top of the sliding straight drawers.

For those who are not really amenable to sliding drawers, a great alternative is available in the form of a stacking bin.  Rather than a storage tower in a cabinet, you can just retain the door and put stacking bins on the surface of cabinet doors. It is interesting to look at and at the same time convenient as well. You will be multiplying your usable storage space. If you have children, you can put stickers on the stacking bins. It will give it a more fun feel to it.

Add a Sink Skirt

Do you have a sink that is not exactly pleasing to the eye? Add a sink skirt! This gives a usually boring sink more character. In addition to that, your sink will have extra space to store your items away from the eyes of people. You can store them, but please do so in an organized fashion. Just because people will not see the stack right away does not mean that you can just put everything inside it.

Lastly, you can put a shelf near the door on the ceiling. You can place your cleaning materials here. Just make sure that the shelf is properly anchored, we do not want to get any accidents.

With these few clever tricks for storing items in your bathroom, you can make not only a practical space, but also a beautiful one!

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